Hinese Governments Control of the Internet

Now I am doing my MA dissertation. My dissertations topic is Chinese Governments Control of the Internet. It includes intro, lit review, methodology, articles chapter (including 3 analytical feature), conclusion and reflection. I wanna ask help from you for the 3 articles part and I handle the other by myself. In this part, every article is to be about 3000 words. The 3 is estimated 9000 words totally.

In addition, I hope the three articles to be coherent with each other. It could explore Chinas Internet control and the censorship into depth. My basic view is that Chinese Internet censorship is rigid and complex, even lack of transparence. But to some extent, it is suitable to Chinas domestic situation. Some western scholars view is a little extreme.

For the payment security and the work quality, I ordered a part of the 9000 words first4500 words. If I am satisfactory with the article, I would order the half left. Certainly my biggest concern is avoiding plagiarism. I dont hope my degree end with failure due to this. The work needs to be guaranteed to exceed 60/100 score.

Regarding the further specific writing details, I will discuss with the writer directly. Thank you!
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