Hinese grassroots living situation in China big cities

You need answers these question in your research paper. You are being graded on 1. the clarity of your argument. 2. how well you support your argument with specific references and data evident

What kind of living situation of Chinese grassroots in China big cities?
What type of person have this living situation? why?
Why China housing price in big cities are much higher than before?
How can Chinese government change change this situation?

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The following reading may help
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Joseph Fewsmith, i??Tackling the Land Issuei??Carefully,i?? China Leadership Monitor, No. 27 (7 pages)

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Anne F. Thurston, Muddling toward Democracy: Political Change in Grassroots China (Washington, DC: US Institute of Peace, 1998), (45 pages) also online.

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