Hinese is similar in many ways to the politeness and respect language styles of Japanese.

show the chinese is a Speciallanguage style that is used by speakers to express some aspects of their social identity.

general guidelines:
you are encouraged to limit your discussion in any way you choose. for example, you may choose to concentrate only on verbs (or verbs and other predicates), and disregard other parts of speech. You may choose to discuss only form(ie. how the forms of the Specialvocabulary are related to those of the Normalvocabulary). Alternatively, you may choose to focus on function(ie. why/in what circumstances is the Specialstyle used?)

Regardless of whether/how you choose to limit your discussion,make sure you give a clear statement of your exact topic and the thesis(point-of-view) you plan to adopt, in the introduction to your essay. A brief outline of your main points should also be included in your introduction.

Make sure each paragraph in the body of your essay has a clear theme. This theme will probably be spelt out in the opening sentence of the paragraph of very soon after. Much of the remainder of the paragraph will be devoted to presenting evidence related to that theme. Pay attention to logical and stylistic links between paragraphs.

In the conclusion, you should draw together the arguments and evidence you have presented, and show how they are related to your thesis. Make sure you do no present any new information or arguments in your conclusion. The place for these is the body of your essay.