Hinese Nationalists and Chinese Communists in China in the 1920s

Essay instruction
1) Chapter 25 a?War and Revolution, China (1927-1949)a? of the book a?Modern East Asia: from 1600. A cultural, social, and political history, ed., Ebrey, Walthall, and Palais, New York: Houghton Mifflin, second edition.a?
2) Mao Zedongs essay, Analysis of the Classes of Chinese societya?
Essay Question:
What is the political significance of Maos argument on classes in light of the differences between the Chinese Nationalists and Chinese Communists in China in the 1920s?

– Based on the two readings to write the essay, other sources are not required
– make sure to have a strong and clear thesis statement
– Full 5 pages of essay (do not leave space for name, date, titlea┬Žetc)
– MLA bibliography including in text citation (bibliography is not included in the 5 pages, thus total of 6 pages)
– Plagiarism strictly forbidden