Hinese Politics: Why did the Communist Party in China not fall in 1989, unlike the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe?

This is a political subject, and the essay is short, please do not emphasize on the historical background, instead, please go straight into the topic, thank you

-please have bilbliography and references list
-maximium 3 sources from internet itself, instead please have more from books
-please engage books, interenet, research media and schlorship into this essay, schlorship is very important!!
-please quote every single sources
-please have Cited quotation
-please have footnoting to explain schlors or expand on ideas

the essay structure should be as below:
intromake decision and what you decided in the introduction and include the various factors

main body: should be facts with subheadings for grouping of facts

conclusion: 1)recap opening conclusion 2) what further is there to consider with this argument?

No plagerism please, I mean no harm, but the previous essay that I ordered before was told by my tutor that it will cause plagerism…so please be extra careful and make sure everything is cited and listed where it is found. Please do use footnoting, thank you

Last but not least, please write it in an internatioanl student language instead of a native speaker or such.

Once again, thank you and sorry for any inconvience.