Hinese Women under the Communist Regime(1949-Now)

Research Steps:
1. Read historical narratives from a general Chinese history book or a book about Chinese women in order to have a basic framework of the modern Chinese womens history. Afterwards, please choose from the following possible topics:
Women in work forces
Women, especially girls, in education
Women in leadership roles
Women in leadership roles
Women and sex industry
Rural women and their responsibilities
Other topics you prefer about Chinese women
2 Find original sources; narratives, images, charters…and analyze them critically by examining their origins and biases in specific contexts of their productions.
3 Place the issue of Chinese womens liberation in the framework of the communist revolution, and find out what the Chinese Communist Party did and did not do.
4 Make an evaluation over the status of Chinese women today, both the progresses and problems.
5 Offer your own views over the controversy; why the government actions helped liberating women, but they alone are insufficient, and what women must do collectively to carry on the liberation mission.
6 Make sure your final version will demonstrate different crafts you have learned from the class.