Hinese womens attitude toward intimate partner violence and domestic violence

The purpose of this paper is to describe the state of the literature on a very specific topic. In describing the literature, you must synthesize those articles to describe how research on this topic is conducted, and the results of the studies. You must not review each article individually. Doing so will result in a failing grade for this assignment.

Your paper must include synthesis about:
a commentary on the samples frequently used
a commentary on the research designs used
a commentary on the theoretical frameworks
a commentary on the other variablesstudied along with your topic

Your paper must include analysis of the results:
-you must demostrate a clear understanding of how the results do or do not differ if you sort them by the levels in the categories above. That is, how do the results differ by gender/race/religion? By theoretical framework? This is the analysis of the articles.

-you must review 12-24 articles
-you should state your specific topic in your introductory paragraph
-you should use APA style 6th edition
-12 pt front, Times New Roman
-No running head needed but do include page numbers.
-proper citations
-No quotesyou must paraphrase
-include a reference section