Hing Kao: A Hero? Reading: Ma and Lau 85-109

Class Schedule:
Week 1
Jan. 7 Introduction: Syllabus Review
Jan. 9 Genre and Gender; Group Presentation Sign-up
Reading: Ma and Lau xiii-xxxiv; 43-51
Week 2
Jan. 14 Ching Kao: A Hero?
Reading: Ma and Lau 85-109
Group presentation#1
First draft Workshop
Jan. 16 The Ingrate; Commentary #1 due in class
Reading: Ma and Lau 115-36
Group presentation#2
Course work: Description and Evaluation

Paper Format: Please follow MLA Style. Papers must be stapled, typed, and double-spaced. On the left column of first page: Name; PID, LTEA 110A, Date of submission. You may want to consult the MLA website or a current MLA style guide for style, grammar, format and citation questions.

4 Commentaries: 32 points total, 8 points each (you must write four commentaries to be eligible for your commentary score, and no late submissions or email attachments will be accepted).
Objective: Write a cogent argument on a clearly defined, focused topic based on your understanding of the readings.
Form: 800 word (2 typed pages) essay written in this order:
1) 200 words highlighting the theme/issues you plan to elaborate;
2) 200 words providing textual evidence around your problematic/questions;
3) 400 words presenting meticulous and convincing argument.
Grade breakdown:
2.0 points: 200 word thesis: frame and focus;
2.0 points: 200 words: textual analysis;
4.0 points: 400 words: argument in response to questions raised in class discussion.
Textbooks to be used: Ma and Lau, Traditional Chinese Stories (Columbia UP, 1978);
Ma, Lau, and Hu, Traditional Chinese Stories (Lienching, 1979);