Hinua Achebes response to Conrads Heart of Darknessnovel

Chinua Achebe asserts that Joseph Conrad is a Bloody racist”, and he is deeply disturbed that the novel Heart of Darknessis widely read and considered part of what he calls Permanent literature.In a thoughtful, well-organized, and well-written essay, respond to the basic tenants of Achebes argument. Do you think that Conrad is a racist? What is it that Conrad is trying to say through his novel Heart of Darkness”, and should we continue to read it? Use 3 quotes from either the book or the article (make sure you use at least 1 or 2 from each, as long as you have 3 quotes total thats fine). Use first person. Be sure you put the page number for the quotes so that I can find them with my book. My version of Heart of Darkness is 158 pages long so if yours is different then please let me know what area it is in.

Im going to argue that Conrad is not a racist. So, use evidence from the book and article to explain why he isnt a racist.
If there are any more opinion questions, just go with one or the other I dont care which you choose.

Be sure the conclusion wraps up the whole essay.

*notes for the writer*…The article by Chinua Achebe is called An image of Africa: Racism in Conrads Heart of Darkness.If for some reason you cannot find this article, please email me quickly and I can fax it to you. I need the essay by at least 8:30 PM eastern time on 4/26.

The number of sources doesnt matter. Just make sure that the article and book are your only two.