History and cultural context of two significant buildings of the same typology

I chose the two buildings: 1. Imperial War Museum North 2. Imperial War Museum London

Your essay should be ILLUSTRATED (using images from architectural publications, and your own photographs) and RESEARCHED and REFERENCED APPROPRIATELY according to the Harvard system.

Essay Question
Describe and analyse the history and cultural context of TWO significant buildings of the same typology i.e. two places of worship, two domestic dwellings, two public buildings, from two different centuries one of which must be 20th century. These buildings should be selected from the spectrum contained in the core texts. There will be advantages to selecting buildings you can visit, but this is not essential.

In your answer you are invited to respond to the following points of comparison and contrast:
1. The respective cultural conditions in which the two buildings were designed and built.
2. The design principles and theories applied and how these influence the design of the buildings and their respective decorations.
3. The original purpose and usage of the buildings and how this may have changed over time.
4. How the buildings have been reviewed by historians and architectural critics.
5. Identify a conclusion that positions each building as referenced to its cultural context.

You must use the Harvard System to reference your sources and images. Please consult the University regulations regarding plagiarism.
Any essay submitted without full academic referencing will be returned unmarked and you will fail the assignment.

The essay, which constitutes 50%of the total module marks, will be marked as follows:-

Background research 20%
Content 40%
Conclusion 20%
Structure/Grammar/Clarity 10%
Presentation 10%