History, development, and use of color in digital media

Written research report addressing the below elements. Use specific examples to support your findings.
a? History and development of the use of color in digital media, including specific milestones.
a? Psychology of color, specifically the use of color to convey specific mood or feelings.
a? Impact of color, light, and shadows on digital media.

Digital media analysis:
a? Describe the selected media, format, year created, etc. Provide visual examples of your selected media.
a? Discuss the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of color, light and shadow usage to convey mood or feeling.
a? Discuss your opinions related to why the author chose the colors and mood that they did.
a? Describe how color could have been applied differently to accomplish different effects.
a? Justify your opinions and application suggestions by citing color theory, the psychology of color, and other research findings.