History of space in architecture of lisbon city


On my individual proposal essay, I intended to write about the Space in Architecture, in the city of Lisbon, the important aspects related to space creation, concepts and theories. Although there was a big controversy on the early 19s, nowadays the concept of space offers different senses.

Space is such a big, complex and not an easy subject, the word space define a three-dimensional structural framework, capable of spanning and containing very large volumes, constructed in all different geometrical figures.

The space on architecture is established for the architectonic form conceived by the architect. We understand that when we get into an edification or building, being a
inhabitant or public member, this architectonic space has its own cultural, psychological or emotional meaning. For example, we can say that existing religious architectonic spaces; those spaces bring a sensation of reflection or introspection dedicated and necessary to this function. Then an architectonic space can promote various sensations to an individual person, from the religiosity to the protection and safety.

Still no boundaries to outline the space itself, but yet we can define the space as:

” Enclose space (interior space)
” Outside space (exterior space)

Enclose space

Enclose space is an internal space witch respect boundary, can be allocated according to the necessities of the social events and privacy.

Outside space (urban plan/ design)

The urban plan is included into the multidisciplinary of the urbanism, the area that organize the technical aspects and politics related to the use of the space, human well being, environmental design in all the aspects ( circulation, transport, communications) and urban design. One of the main points today of urban plan is the protection and conservation of the environment.

The urban design belongs to the urban plan and its aims is the solutions that involves the physical aspects of an urban space, giving form and characterization to the distinctive uses of this space, as well as to create an articulation between them, always taking in consideration the development of these spaces during the time been.

On this way the space in Architecture, means the art of organized spaces and its elements.