History, theory and criticism of architecture

For this assignment you are expected to research the history and theory behind multifunctional spaces and present an over view of its development. You will be expected to have studied several contemporary and historical architectural typologies. For each example you will analyse, the style, language, context, form, entrance and circulation pattern and
present your findings with your own sketches and comments.

You will discuss the concepts behind each of these examples and demonstrate that you
have researched critical texts about the examples you have chosen. You shall also
reference general architectural theory on your subject area.

some examples are banquet halls in palaces, town halls [coming closer to victorian period], another example is banqueting house by inigo jones. this are just examples to give you more understanding of the brief. it is of high importance the report is critical and referenced to general architectural theory on the topic area. analysis of the elements is also crucial, circulation pattern, entrances, forms, context, language, style, relationship between spaces.

intext citations, use of plans and sections are very important as well.