Evaluate the marketing strategy of DHL Australia and recommend a way forward in
terms of an improvement to that marketing strategy. The emphasis is YOUR interpretation of their strategy NOT on their interpretation of their strategy.
The report should be written in report style.
You should also include a one-page stand alone Executive Summary, a Table of Contents and a comprehensive list of References (Harvard referencing only).

(NoteTo begin with, the marketing strategy of DHL Australia has already been identified i.e  innovation as the main generic strategy and  branding as the secondary generic strategy. Plz evaluate these marketing strategies only. Then proceed to the later half.)

Existing Generic Strategy:
DHL Australia and also DHL global follow a primary strategy that relies heavily on innovation. This is in the form of having their own air carriers to factors like the global reach that DHL enjoys.
The secondary strategy in this case will be branding, as DHL does promote its brand in a big way. But this is largely dependant on the level of product excellence and quality that the company has been able to offer consistently for a number of years. While branding is important the main focus has always been on the actual product.