Homosexuality (class subject is family, health and human sexuality)

class subject is human health and human sexuality. paper topic is about homosexuality.

This project is an opportunity for you to delve deeper into specific areas of human sexuality of interest to you or of personal relevance to your life. You have a fair amount of flexibility in deciding what topic to choose, to make this project most relevant to your learning goals.

Paper Outline:
1. What subject did you choose to focus on?
2. Describe why you chose this particular subject e.g. to increase your knowledge; to clarify conflicting views on the subject; to learn practical suggestion or tools for your personal life; etc.
3. What questions did you have before you began your research of the subject?

1. Using your text and other sources, explore the current views on this subject; or, compare and contrast the opposing viewpoints on the topic; or, describe the practical tools or a?learningsa? helpful to you personally.
2. What are the conclusions you have drawn from your review?
3. Include citations for all information and concepts that are not your own, and include a bibliography at the end of your paper.

C. SUMMARY (1-2 pages)
1. Having completed your review, have your views changed or have they remained the same?
2. Discuss whether you understand this subject better and why.
3. Final summary of the paper overall.


the best:
Excellent response to chosen topic area.
Responded to all parts of the Project Outline.
Exceptionally well integrated use of resources to support personal opinions.
All resources are cited accurately in the text and bibliography.
Used several resources in addition to the text.
7 pages

second best:
Very good response to questions a generally clear and thoughtful.
Responded to most parts of the Project Outline.
Resources used occasionally to support personal opinions.
Most resources are cited accurately in the text and bibliography.
Used at least 1 resource in addition to the text.
5-6 pages

a?Project Pitfallsa?:
1. Did not use or follow the outline provided.
2. Did not use professional resources to support opinion.
3. Almost exclusive use of one or two resources to support opinion.
4. The project does not follow the required page format.
5. Resources and bibliography are not consistent.

A. This assignment should be a thoughtful blend of opinion, critical thinking, and EVIDENCE FROM YOUR RESEARCH.
B. Present specific, detailed and sufficient research evidence supporting your position. Give COMPLETE CITATIONS OF ALL RESOURCES used in your paper. Citations should include author and page (ex. Westheimer, p. 172.).
C. Include a BIBLIOGRAPHY. You may use MLA or APA style but PLEASE BE CONSISTENT.