Hoose a healthcare organization and develop a marketing plan.

Choose an organization and develop a marketing plan.

Please identify topic to discuss with Professor prior to writing the paper.

Objective: demonstrate your ability to integrate the concepts from this course and apply them to a concrete situation.

During the course we cover the theory of marketing and discuss how a marketing plan should be developed. Now you get to put theory into action.

Attached and online you will find many examples of marketing plans and outlines for marketing plans. But remember, a?health care is differenta?.

To succeed in this project, be concise, use the literature and remember this is not about the volume of pages. You must clearly and concisely communicate your concepts and back them up with theory. Cite the literature. (See above for more information on a?citea? the literature.)

Some students have found PowerPoint an easy format and used the notes sections to reference the literature. A word document is fine as well.