Hoose a historical figure or event that has made a significant impact on the profession of nurse anesthesia.

Format/Grammar: The lenght must be 4-6 pages ( not including references, title page or abstract) which are doubled-spaced and written according to APA guidelines. Font size must be 12 in Times Roman. The headings for each section of the paper as follows: AbstractA 50-100 WORDS ABSTRACT THAT SUMMARIZES YOUR PAPER. Introduction–The introduction must provide in-depth background information of the person or event that is the focus of the paperLabel this section Introduction. Impact Analysis-Explain what impact the individual or event had on nursing and nurse anesthesia. How did this event or individual influence history? What impact did the individual or event have on the profession of nurse anesthesia? What effect did this individual or event have on the future of nursing/nurse anesthesia? This section of the paper should comprise the majority of the paper. Label this section Impact Analysis”.