Hoose a Major American Novel or Novelist of the Twentieth Century

Please choose one topic from these Sample Topic Areas:
Important Factors in Edith Whartonas Life That May Have Affected Her Writing
Edith Whartonas Reputation as a Writer
Ethan Frome as a Portrait of American Values
Edith Whartonas Female Heroines
The Great Gatsby as a Commentary on American Society
A Study of the Literary Symbols in The Great Gatsby
Similarities between Gatsby and Daisy and Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald
Comparisons and/or Contrasts between The Great Gatsby and another Fitzgerald Work
a?How to Live in Ita? as Presented in The Sun Also Rises
An Analysis of Hemingwayas Writing Style
The Expatriates of the 1920s, Especially Fitzgerald and Hemingway
History of the Harlem Renaissance
Invisible Man as a Debate between Possible Responses to Racism
The Growth of the Invisible Man in Invisible Man
College Life as Portrayed in The Bell Jar
Social Pressures in The Bell Jar
Connections between Plathas Life and Characters and Events in The Bell Jar