Hoose a modern creation story (one of the last 400 years) and compare it to some of the stories in order instructions.

Some of the questions I have to answer in the paper:

How does it follow the formulas and designs of the earliermyths? Is it written for a specific purpose: entertainment, commentary, religion, etc.?How well does the author seem to have done their background research? Was the
author biased in any specific ways towards certain versions of creation? Or perhaps,how does it differ completely from all previous creation myths we have studied*?

*The Enuma Elish, The story of the Flood (epic of Gilgamesh), Genesis(The Bible), Metamorphoses(ovid), Hesiods Creation, Yin and Yang, Amaterasu, The Creation Cycle, Vishnu.

P.s Most of these stories are found in the book World Mythologyan anthology of the great myths and epicsby Donna Rosenberg (third edition). I Would like one of the sources to be that