Hoose a news article that illustrates some aspect of realism in international politics OR idealism in international politics

Assignment: Choose a news article that illustrates some aspect of realism in international politics OR idealism in international politics and write about it, using the guidelines below. The article should be from the current semester (dated January 1, 2013, or later). This writing assignment will be based on the news article you have chosen. The paper is due in class at the beginning of class on Thursday, April 11, 2013.
Plan ahead for this assignment. Write and rewrite it to make sure you do a good job summarizing the points of the article and expressing your thoughts. Professor Clark and Philip Cardin are very happy to talk with you as you are working on it. The on-line writing lab (OWL) -<>). To access Lexis-Nexis, choose the gold a?Databasesa? link below the search box on the library home page. That takes you to a selection of on-line databases. From the drop-down a?Select a Databasea? box, select a?LexisNexis Academic.a? You can search LexisNexis by topic, date, etc. You are still asked to use one of the sources above. Note: it usually works better to search on an event or person than just on a?idealisma? or a?realism.a?

Never simply lift language off of a web site (or any source) or closely paraphrase it without citing the source. Cutting and pasting from web sources without proper use of quotes and citations is dishonest and a form of plagiarisma passing off othersa ideas as your own. Such papers will not receive a passing grade, and you could be further penalized.

Things we will look for when grading your paper: Even though this is a short assignment, it makes up a large part of your course grade (25%). The highest grades will be reserved for papers that are carefully written, have clarity of organization, and demonstrate thought and creative use of the important concepts of the course in an analytical or exceptionally perceptive fashion.
Citation: For full credit, all of the citation information must be there and the article must be from a newspaper source.
Summary and reflections: The best papers will demonstrate a genuine effort to grapple with the issues raised in the article in light of realism or idealism. At the more basic level, the paper should clarify the issues in the article and demonstrate understanding of realism/idealism as presented in the course materials. Use the summary part of the paper to present information from the article that will be relevant in your analysis of realism and idealism.