Hoose a novel and write a term paper about it

Please choose one novel to write about. The novel has to be written by a Southeast Asian author, from any one of the Southeast Asian countries (such as Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand…etc). Also, please avoid writing about texts about Vietnam war, as per the professors request.

This is like a term paper. Please include a semi-detail of the summary with the names of the characters and significant symbols. You may choose to write about one aspect of the novel, maybe one of the themes (country vs city life, traditional vs modern, political history …. or the characterization or the symbolism etc. Choose one of those aspects in the novel and write an essay about it incorporating some things that you have learned throughout the quarter.

This term paper is for a Southeast Asian Literature Class.
If you have chosen the novel already, may you please let me know ahead as I can report it to my professor since he wanted me to check with him beforehand.