Hoose a person and answer the following questions: To what extent do risk, rewards and motives contribute towards an entrepreneurs goals?

All coursework (unless direct otherwise by your tutor) must be word processed, double spaced, justified, fully referenced using the Harvard system, and in 12 pitch font, with page numbers and the word count. The word count does not include end of text references or appendices. The word limit is a 1000 words; however an allowance of 10% is permitted. (Please choose a famous business person(Please dont choose Steve Jobs) .Person is a very important for me and also source is very important please choose a famous source(3 source) because I have to find in Waterstones.Please check in waterstones websites.Im living n London not the USA. Im not English please dont use high level English because my teacher can understand. I have to get A . If you any question please ask me) Also You can use the text books HALL, Anderton and Smith for sources.