Hoose a person, object, or event that you find interesting and that you can readily research.

This assignment has the following requirements:
1) Prepare a full-sentence outline of your proposed paper, including references. The outline must be 500-1,000 words.
2) Your opening paragraph must be a vivid description of the topic of your paper. Keep in mind, though, your opening description must also be free of evaluative or opinionated language.
3) The introduction of your paper must include a preview of the paper. Your preview should give your reader a sense of the main points you will cover about your topic.
4) The body of your paper should deliver on the promises made in your preview, and each section of the body should begin with a preview of that section.
5) Your paper should feature a conclusion that briefly summarizes the paper. Without drawing conclusions or stating your opinion, end the paper in such a way that your reader will be persuaded to adopt your perspective on the topic.