Hoose a problem, challenge or debate in health and medicine (its important to refer to the guideline attached for further details)

1.This is a sociology unit not medicine, so this essay should be written in a social perspective rather than in a scientific perspective.

2.As it can be seen in the topic, Iam supposed to pick a controversial problem regarding health and medicine, challenge or debate it. As for this essay I want the topic to be issues regarding a?abortiona?. This issue must be critically discussed in relation to ONE of the following:
b.New and emerging health technologies
c.Public health and citizenship
Please refer to the guidelines for details.

3.In-text referencing and bibliography/reference list are important. Please refer to the guideline under subheading a?PREPARING YOUR WRITTEN WORKa? for referencing style and details.

4.Iam enrolled as an ATS 3717 student, so please donat forget that I also am supposed to:
a?Discuss the value, limitations or inconsistencies in the concepts you use
a?Identify countervailing or clashing arguments, if relevant