Hoose a Psychology-related JOURNAL ARTICLE

1. Choose a Psychology-related JOURNAL ARTICLE. Journals published by the American Psychological Association are very good. A few examples of relevant journals are JOURNAL OF CONSULTING AND CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY, JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, and CHILD DEVELOPMENT. Popular magazines such as PSYCHOLOGY TODAY are NOT ACCEPTABLE for research papers. Similarly, Articles,brochures, and news releases from the The article that you select should be at least 3 pages long in the journal.

2. Read the article and write an account of what you got from it, demonstrating that you have understood the article. Specifically, you should indicate what main research question was asked in the study and what the authors learned. Your account should be at least 3 pages, about 260 words per page. The report should be well written, organized, and grammatically correct.

3. The report should be typed from a word processor (double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins).

4. On an additional title page, you must include:

-name (leave blank)
-instructor and class (leave blank)
-email address (leave blank)
-The title of the article you read
-The author of the article you read
-The name of the journal
-The date (e.g., year and month) and/or volume number of the journal
-The page number of the article in the journal
-If on-line, the link to the article

I would like a writer from the U.S. since I want to make sure I am able to retrieve the paper using my word processor easily. Please make the paper easy to read and understand without many abstract words that are difficult to understand. Thank you kindly. I will need 3 more of these papers later on.