Hoose a situation/event or patient scenario that involves one member of the inter-professional team and write an account of their role

Guided Dialogue Assignment Brief
Choose a situation/event or patient scenario that involves one member of the inter-professional team and write an account of their role.
Cue Questions/statements (based on Framework for Reflexive Practice, Rolf, Freshwater and Jasper, 2001)


You are advised to discuss your proposal for the descriptive account with your mentor, before embarking on the written description. This piece of work should not be less than 700 words and no more than 750 words and it should be appropriately reference using at least 2 references. As this is the first stage of reflection you are required to write this in the first person (use of  I ).

You must generate 3 pieces of evidence to support 3 of the Essential Skills Cluster sections. These should be in Care, Compassion and Communication, Infection prevention and control, and Nutrition and Fluid Management for this module.

You must consider the following in order to identify significant issues within the situation/event/patient scenario you have identified and been involved in. The following cue questions/prompts are provided to assist you to write your account. Please address all of them.

” Identify an event you have been involved with where one member of the inter-professional team was essential to patient care.

” Why was their involvement essential in this situation?

” What was the result of the action taken by the identified member of the inter-professional team on patient care?

” What were the consequences of inaction/inappropriate action undertaken by the identified member of the inter-professional team on patient care?

” What was the outcome of the patient care and those involved?

” How did you feel about the situation?

” What have you learnt from this experience?

Your descriptive account will then form the basis for a guided dialogue with your mentor. You need to ensure that you book sufficient time with your mentor and well in advance, as this is part of your summative assessment.

Some reasons why students might fail the Guided Dialogue Assignment.

1. Not observing patient confidentiality.
2. Verification sheet not submitted with your assignment.
3. Guided dialogue not signed and dated by your mentor.
4. Verification sheet did not describe the scenario of the patient upon which the dialogue was based.
5. Cue questions have not been used as a framework.
6. Work is poorly presented and structured
7. Assignment guidelines are not followed

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