Hoose a small to midsize business or a specific brand of a large compnay to research

The purpose of this assignment is to apply your knowledge of marketing strategy by researching a current company, analyzing their strategies, and giving recommendations.

Research Project Details
Choose a small to midsize business or a specific brand of a large company.
1. Give an introduction to the company including a short history, its location(s), size and mission
2. Perform a situational analysis and S.W.O.T.
3. Define the target market
4. Describe the product or service line
5. Make an argument for companyas competitive advantage and strategic focus
6. Create a clear description of one aspect of the companyas current marketing strategyyou may choose
a. product strategy
b. pricing strategy
c. distribution and supply chain management
d. IMC
e. methods of implementation and control, or
f. customer relationship management.
7. Based on your research, make recommendations for changes in the companyas strategy.
8. Explain why the change would be in the best interest of the company. Address its potential impact on the competitive advantage and strategic focus. Address how the proposed change(s) would affect other functions and departments of the company.
To complete this assignment you will need to research the companyas annual report and find external sources about the external environment. Sources may include (but are not limited to) the annual report, samples of marketing pieces, informational interviews with the companyas marketing or investor relation department, industry articles about the company, competition, or best practices, press releases and consumer reports.