Hoose a topi that best matches with what you will be writting about

The nineteenth century in america was a time of turbulent social and economic changes,brought about with the birth of the industrial revolution.middle and upper-class women were still expected to stay at home as idle,decorative symbols of their husbands.despite changes in the societal structure women continued to be as virgin woolf termed it.angels in the house. kate chopin and charlotte perkins gilman examine gender roles along with themes of cultural and social relevance in their fictions.examine howThe story of an hourAnd /or The yellowpaperPortray a womans struggle to conform to the patriarchal society and at the same time strive for independence and recognition.apply the historical or political context of womens status of the time period to the moralhistory of the work.
*to consider: Clearly articulate your interpretation of the themes and use that interpretation to focus your essay.Use specific examples from the texts and your research to illustrate your argument.
* I expect: A clear coherent thesis.
Use at keast 3 academic outside sources.
An effectively organized argument that presents adequate,detailed evidence to support thesis.
proper MLA citation of all source materials.
Minimal errors in grammar and mechanics.
Little to reliance on plot summary.
Work cited page
Obs: the primary source is from the exploring literature:writing and thinking about fiction,poetry, drama and the essay.5th Edition FRANK MADDEN.