Hoose a topic and do a 2 pages reseach on it. (Topics are in the intructions)

I would like for you to choose a topic to research. I have provided some ideas. Please type up your paper, double spaced, and also provide me with all of your sources using a works cited page from credible sources. I also expect you to put effort into the paper, this means proper grammar and sentence structure. (but not a native speaker)

CHOOSE A TOPIC. (pick one topic and do a 2 page research on it)
Potential Research Topics


sodium intake, does it have an impact on health?

who is impacted by higher sodium diets?

should everyone avoid sodium in their diets?

how diseases are associated with high sodium intakes?

dietary cholesterol

does it affect total cholesterol levels

Should we avoid egg yolks?

High fructose corn syrup

does it really have an impact on health?

Is it safe to ingest or does it wreak havoc on our bodies?

Nitrates and Nitrites

What are they?

What foods contain them?

impact on health?

Are they safe?

What about different age groups?

High protein diets

are they safe?

do they damage the kidneys?

Any benefits?

Sugar substitutes

are they safe?

impact on health?

whatas good about them?

Coconut oil as a supplement

is it healthy?

does it cause same effects of saturated fats?

does it work as a weight loss aid?


Is soy good for people to consume and is a healthy alternative to meat proteins

Why should people consume more soy in their diets?


is bad for you, but why?

What negative health outcomes are a result of ingesting soy?

Low carb diets good or bad?

does it really help people lose weight?

at what cost?

Health concerns?

Are their benefits?

Long term/short term effects

Diets, which diet is best for people with diseases or precursors to diseases?

Compare and contrast the following diets, how and why they work for diseases.


Dash Diet

Ornish Diet


Vegetarian Diets