Hoose a topic of interest to you that relates to couples or families. (Ill attach the instructions)

PLEASE follow the attached instructions and grading rubric very carefully. I will attach my class lecture notes as well. As some of those notes must be cited. I will fill in the professors name after I have my paper back, no worry there on your part. Just put class lecture in parentheses after your in-text citation.

EMPIRICAL RESEARCH ARTICLES MUST BE USED! As the attached instructions say, between 2009-2014. Also, make sure these articles can be accessed by my professor when she checks my citations. DO NOT use books, only online sources. Preferably a database that can be accessed by anyone.

This paper is heavily based on Brofenbrenners model. If you dont know what that is, please transfer the paper instructions to someone who does. I dont have time to have this paper revised.

This paper is also APA. Everything must be APA, as you can read in the attached instructions, my professor is checking very well for this type of style. I dont want to lose points because you didnt cite correctly.

Ive had a bad experience with a writer here before. If you cant take the assignment, please transfer it because I am not doing well in this class at the moment. It must be done well. Dont try to make the paper too fancy, just get the point across. My last writer was very foreign in her writing and almost got me expelled because of it.