Hoose an Operation that you have been a customer (Topics are concerning business management, and shown in instructions)

Note: writer must have strong knowledge in Business Management.
All references should be provided in Harvard format.

Choose an Operation that you have been a customer of, are familiar with, or one you
would like to research. Write a management report that analyses the Operations
System and its control mechanisms as follows:
1. Draw a systems map of the Operation from the perspective of the customer
showing the Operation, its sub-systems, sub-sub-systems etc., its wider system
and environment. Provide a short, written narrative, explaining the diagram
and your reasons, in particular, for placing the system boundary where you
have. Next adopt the perspective of the Operations Manager of the
organization (with, presumably, a wider view of the Operations system) and
describe the wider supply network of which the organization is part. Describe
the components that comprise this wider system and define and describe the
flows (both physical and informational) between theses components. Provide
another map illustrating this wider supply network. Add annotated arrows to
the map to indicate the flows. (25%)
2. Define the organization s operation as  A system to& & & &  i.e. complete
the previous phrase to define the organization s Operations system. Adopt a
narrow view of Operations in this definition. Provide an annotated inputtransformation-
output diagram of the Operations system showing the primary,
secondary and tertiary inputs and outputs. (25%)
3. Identify the main control (sub) system(s) employed and explain the impacts of
them on the organization s Operation and Supply Network. Provide a diagram
illustrating how the control system works. Explain the diagram and provide
examples of the  core mechanics of planning and control as they might be
applied by your chosen Operation. (25%)
4. Draw conclusions about if, and how, the Operation and Supply Network of the
organization has, or might, afford the organization competitive advantage
The remaining 10% is awarded for structure and presentation (5%) and research and
references (5%).
The maximum word length is 2500 words (not including appendices, diagrams and
tables) and your answer should be written in the style of a management report. You
are expected to apply Operations and Systems theories and concepts to your chosen
organization in order to answer the questions posed. Use of diagrams and supporting
examples from your chosen case is vital. Provide a little background information
about the organization as an appendix to your report. Exclude this from the word