Hoose any of the five questions and answer them in the same legnth

Answer 5 of the following in a short (1 page) response:

Using the following books:
1)Crisis and crossfire( the united states and the middle east since 1945, by Peter L.Hahn)
2) The modern middle east by James L gelvin

1. Describe Palestinian-Jewish relations from WWII to 1948 (description of the war is not required)

2. Provide a brief overview of each of the three a?Free Officersa? coups

3. Describe the primary components of Nasserism (1955-1970)

4. Describe the primary causes and consequences of the Suez Canal Crisis

5. Describe the Lebanese political structure outlined in the National Pact & Taif Accords

6. Describe the origins and goals of Hamas, Islamic Jihad & Hezbollah

7. Describe the primary geopolitical consequences of the Six-Day War

8. Discuss the Shahas ascension to power, events of the 1950s & the White Revolution

9. Provide a brief overview of three examples of Arab terrorism in the 1970s

10. Describe the primary causes and consequences of the Iran-Iraq War

11. Provide a brief overview of the Yom Kippur War, OPEC oil embargo & Camp David Accords

12. Discuss the foreign participants and their goals in the Lebanese Civil War

13. Provide a brief biographical overview of Qutb and outline his primary argument

14. Describe the background to the 1987 Intifada, the outlines of Oslo Accords and the background to the 2000 Intifada

please make those five answers in equal length with each other.