Hoose either 100 best poems for Children or Peter Pan

Option 1
Select a childrens poem and analyse it stylistically, putting it into historical and generic context. In what ways does it imagine and represent childhood.
Will provide more detail if writer goes for option 1

Option 2
Compare the stage version of Peter Pan (1904) with the film version (2003). What might the differences between them suggest about changing constructions of childhood and ideas of growing up over the intervening one hundred years?
Will provide more detail if writer goes for option 2
For more details please ask Deboleena to read Assignment Guide page 19.
Please use referencing as you did previously.
EA300 Study guide pages 116 to 155. Play close attention to some of the activities.
Please can the writer tell me if she prefers to do essay from 100 best poems for children edited by Roger McGough, Illustrated by Sheila Moxley
Peter Pan DVD
And Peter Pan and Other Plays book by J. M. Barrie, Oxford English Drama 2008.
Once the writer selects one of the options I will then despatch the files accordingly.