Hoose either Juno or little miss sunshine to analyze in depth as an example of American Independent Cinema


Demonstrate what makes your chosen film fit the category a?independenta and where it fits into the wider independent landscape; what kind of indie film is it? You should seek to achieve a balance between two points of emphasis: 1) detailed focus on the film itself and 2) a?placinga the film in the wider independent context: each is equally important to a good case study.

It is essential that you examine the film from at least two different perspectives (the three main perspectives used on the module being industrial, formal, and social/cultural/political). That is, you could look at a film in terms of its social context and its industrial context. Or, you might look at industrial context and formal approaches. Or any other combination you choose. Make sure you are clear what this means a check with tutor if not. The purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate your ability to make connections between different dimensions of American Independent Cinema. You should, therefore, seek to integrate your analysis of the different aspects of the film considered. Credit will be given for originality and use of your own analysis, within the frameworks established in seminars and/or on the reading list. If you are unsure whether or not the film you have chosen a?qualifiesa as American independent, check before you go ahead.

Some films lie in ambiguous territory between indie and Hollywood a these CAN be used for the case-study, but if there is any ambiguity that would have to be addressed in your work. If you chose a film that isnat obviously American independent, without satisfactorily addressing that issue, you risk getting a low mark for not fulfilling the brief a that is, for not demonstrating a sufficient understanding of what constitutes independent in one way or another.

Donat expect necessarily to find appropriate academic sources on your individual film. These wonat always be available.