Hoose from any of the 4 topics. no resources required just fro the litlerature book only.

Final Examination: English 2322 Distance Education
Write on ONE of the following topics. In your essay, quote liberally from the literary works, using MLA documentation. Additionally, save your file as a Word file (.doc or .docx) or as a Rich Text Format file (.rtf)a before you upload it. Write a paper with an introduction, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Do NOT use sources other than the literary works from your textbook. Remember, that your assignment will be checked on Turnitin.coma so do your own work.
Upload your completed final examination by the due date on your syllabus. No late papers will be accepted. No extension of time will be granted for any reason, and there will be no make-ups.
Again, choose ONE of the following topics.
1. Discuss Samuel Johnsonas critical views of works by Shakespeare, Milton, Pope, and Dryden
2. Discuss the objects of satire in The Rape of the Lock. Focus on how Pope holds a mirror to the foibles of society in his day. Be specific.
3. Discuss the importance of James Boswellas biography of Samuel Johnson; focus not only on what we learn about Johnson from the biography but also on Boswellas concept of the art of biography.
4. Discuss Swiftas purposes in characterizing the houyhnhnms in Book IV of Gulliveras Travels.
Proofread your papers carefully.