Hoose from the Order Instructions out of 3 topics.

Students are required to submit a written assignment (2,250 2500 words) addressing one of the three essay questions listed below. The essay should demonstrate that you have grasped the theoretical concepts of HRM, that you are able to interpret research in a critical manner, and that you can link theory with practice by way of specific organisational examples drawn from the literature.

The essay should incorporate 10 to 15 references from a wide range of reasonably current sources (1995-2009). Academic peer reviewed journal articles, however, are most important. The prescribed textbook may be referenced, but the essay should not use additional textbooks as references that is books that cover the broad field of HRM and are designed specifically for use in tertiary courses check the preface and/or introduction.

The questions are:

1. Can work-life balance policies contribute to the effective management of people in organisations?
2. Is it possible to design organisational pay and reward systems so that they contribute to organisational effectiveness.
3. Evaluate the case for and the case against unfair dismissal laws in Australia.

Please choose the topic above ( out of 3 ) which you are familiar with.