Hoose from the Topics written in the end of the Order instructions

Assignment: First, choose a paper topic discussed during the lectures, in the text, or a topic that has some personal interest to you.

Second, locate three professional journal articles (in the library) related to your topic of interest. Using the format below, write a three to five-page paper (not including your title/reference pages) discussing your research topic.
a? Problem statement -discuss what the topic is and its significance to society.
a? Literature review discuss three articles related to the topic.
a? Discussion discussion about the topic.
a? Conclusion what you think about the topic. Your personal opinion and what you think of the articles written on the topic.
a? References Include all references on a separate page.

Format: The paper should be typed and double spaced, no cover folders (title page is ok), please staple the top left corner and put your name in the upper right corner with the last four digits of your SS#.

Page set-up should be 1a?margins, 12 pt. font and double-spaced. Anything you use that is not your original work must be referenced, both in the paper and in a reference page.

In addition, use the following headings as an outline for the required information for the writing assignment:
Problem Statement
Literature Review

Example: Authoras last name, authoras first name. (Year). a?Title of the article in quotation marks.a? Title of the journal underlined. Volume number: pages. (Reference page)

Authoras last name, First Initial, (Year). (Referenced in the paper)

Please do not use popular periodicals like Newsweek, Time, The Wichita Eagle, or People.

Note: Please follow directions carefully; points will be reduced if you do not. These assignments are to help you understand the concept of research while increasing your knowledge of Sociology and the topic you have chosen. Each paper is worth 50 points and will be due at the beginning of class on the day the paper is due; no exceptions (check your syllabus).

*Important note* Please note that the topics you can choose from are quite a lot. Topics doesnt need to be specific as long as it is Sociology related, such as Cultures differences, Socialization, and basic sociology.

Thanks in advance for delivering the order on time.