Hoose one (1) of the topics listed in the Order Instructionssection.

Guidelines for Essays

Choose one of the topics below and write an essay of 6-8 pages (1500-2000 words). Strengthen your argument by incorporating 3 or more credible secondary sources (from books and database articles if possible); peer-reviewed. Make sure to document all sources carefully and accurately (MLA format).

Technical Guidelines
a? Double-Space the entire paper;
a? Use 1margins, a 12-point font, black ink, and Times New Roman typeface;
a? Number your pages according to MLA format;
a? Create a heading according to MLA format;
a? Staple your paper;
a? Put the word count at the end of your essay (by hand is okay) so we both know you have fulfilled the minimum required number of words;
a? Run Spellcheck and proofread your essay carefully. Sloppy essays will be heavily penalized;
a? Please read the Departmental Grading Standards and Plagiarism Policy. Again, anyone who plagiarizes will fail the paper and possibly the class.

Writing Reminders
a? Create a title that reveals the main idea that you argue in the paper.
a? Create an introduction that states the title(s) and author(s) of the work(s) you will discuss.
a? Pose the thesis (main idea) that you argue at the end of the first paragraph (intro).
a? At the start of each new body paragraph, create clear topic sentences with the main idea you argue in each paragraph, but make sure the topic sentences also act as transitions from the previous paragraph.
a? Organize your ideas in such a way that you create a clear, logical argument that flows smoothly from one point to the next.
a? Give supporting evidence from the texts to illustrate ideas, and give page #s (according to MLA format) after every quotation.
a? End each essay with a conclusion that is separate from the body paragraphs and that echoes the ideas presented without repeating your thesis verbatim.
a? Introduce quotations properly and use correct MLA format as in the following examples:
o As Lewis Carroll writes, a?she would keep . . . the simple and loving heart of her childhooda? (99).
o Aliceas immaturity is seen when she cries so much that she is almost a?drowned in [her] own tearsa? (18).
o We see Alices maturity at the end when she yells, Youre nothing but a pack of cards!(97).
o In Peter Pan, John imitates his father constantly: a?A little less noise, please,a? he says early on in Act I (48).
Feel free to consult with me at any stage of the paper writing process, whether while drafting or revising.
Suggested Topics on Jane Eyre
Discuss one of the following:
a? the role that social class plays in the novel. How do social class and class issues affect the characters and the plot? What does Bronte ultimately say about class?
a? the role of the settings of the novel. How do these function both literally in Janeas life and symbolically?
a? gender issues
a? religion and faith
a? Bronteas social criticism. What does Bronte critique, and what does the novel suggest she sees as correctives to the problems she depicts?
a? Symbolism: choose some of the symbols below and/or any additional ones you find.
o Seasons/weather
o Animal imagery
o Slave/tyrant imagery
o Fire & ice
o Fairy tale references