Hoose one area of (Population health: Indigenous/aged/disability/mental health policy)

Focus: Population health: week3 Indigenous/week4 aged/week5disability/week6 mental health policy.
Assessment Aim: This activity provides opportunity for synthesis of lectures, readings and discussions.
What are we looking for?
Choose one area of Population health from weeks 3, 4, 5, or 6 and provide:
a? A creative piece of workessay or art form
a? That portrays the lived experience
a? That evokes the experience
a? That indicates how this lived experience is linked to your profession
a? See Social Health Sciences web page for examples from previous years
Drawing on the films and class discussion, your own experiences and observations, interviews with health professionals (eg., HLTH1305), clinical practice or teaching practice, prepare a paper/newspaper or magazine article/story/poem/play/video/Youtube clip/collage/painting/sculpture/mobile/music composition/childrenas story book, or other creative medium that captures the patient/pupil experience. We suggest you chose a medium that you know you are good at or would like to try out.
For example if you were to do magazine article you might draw on the way the person with a disability or mental illness was portrayed in the films or the way they managed their lives.
A newspaper article would take an argument and draw on the expert opinion, films, class discussions, readings and key sociological terms to provide evidence. However, you might write it like a journalist with supporting pictures. A newspaper article would not have a reference list.
If you decided on a poem you would want to capture some of the themes explored in class, including sociological themes such institutionalisation or stigma, but you will need to present them as metaphor using the medium of poetry.
If you decided on a painting or collage some of the images would capture themes from films/class discussion or sociological concepts.
Large scale project (video clip) can be done in groups, but you must confer with your tutor first.
Provide a 500-800 word reflection that links your creation to the key themes you wish to convey, eg if you did a painting give it a title that explains the links to lectures/films/videos or discussion and a brief description of what theoretical concepts you have captured. This section of your submission should be referenced. This can be written in the first person.
If it is a non-written medium you will need to submit it directly to Julia McKessar in the Health Sciences office. Make sure you have your name on the item, plus your tutoras name.
Some ideas
A story book for 5 to 9 year olds about living with a parent with a mental illness. I am reminded of Mem Foxas book Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge at disability.html#Techniques
Mental illness paintings
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