Hoose one arid region and write a report comparing possible methods of water provision to the area.

Task: This is a written assessment as follows:

Choose one arid region and write a report comparing possible methods of water provision to the area.

a? Consider at least two methods
a? Base your comparison on the most appropriate requirements for your chosen region
a? Your report must make one or more recommendations which follow logically from your comparison.

Important information:
a? Your report must use sub-headings and a numbering system throughout.
a? The report should be 1200 words.
a? Submission Date: According to Academic Services instructions

Use of Sources
a? In your report you should refer to materials from the Student Pack and at least two additional academically suitable sources from your own research.
a? You should refer to data where appropriate.
a? Support should be synthesised where appropriate.
a? You must provide in-text citations and final references for all sources you refer to in your report. You must use English language sources a you should not translate ideas from non-English sources.

You will be assessed on:
a? The relevance of your ideas; the effectiveness of your comparisons and recommendation(s).
a? The structure of your report (completeness; organisation of ideas; use of headings and numbering; linking of ideas).
a? Your choice of relevant and appropriate source material a including specific examples and data a to support your ideas.
a? Your incorporation of source material including synthesis, paraphrase/summary, in-text citations and final references.
a? Appropriate and accurate use of English, especially register and style; adherence to all task guidelines.

Further guidelines:
a? Use a standard academic font, size 11 or 12, and use 1.5 line spacing.
a? Each page of your assignment should have a header with your student ID number, module code (e.g. FC502) and the name of your class tutor. Do not write your name.
a? All pages should be numbered.
a? Staple all pages together.
a? Include a title page containing the following information:
1. Module Code (e.g FC502 2T)
2. Module Title (e.g Skills for Study 2)
3. Tutor Name
4. Name of Class/Group: (e.g Group A, Class 1)
5. Assessment Title (e.g. Final Essay/Report)
6. Assignment Title: (e.g Discuss.......)
7. Student ID Number: (ID number only and NOT your name)
8. Date of Submission: (date)
a? Include a word count at the end of your report.
a? Keep an electronic copy for yourself.
a? Failure to follow these guidelines can result in a deduction of up to 5 marks.

a? Submission Deadline and procedure:
a? You must follow the submission instructions given to you by Academic Services.