Hoose one artwork from biennale of sydney on cockatoo Island. How does this artwork engage with the site/history of cockatoo Island?”

“Jumping castle war memorialArtwork of Brook andrew”

Research about
-history of artist
-History of Cockatoo Island
-How cookatoo island related artwork and why this artwork place on cockatoo island
Theme of Beinnale isThe Beauty of Distance: Songs of Survival in a Precarious Age.–>how it relate with this artwork
-Artwork material


a? Artist practice: performance, mixed media, installation, video

a? Structural frame: Aboriginal imagery and symbols,

a? Cultural frame: Australian society, politics,post-colonialism

a? Postmodern frame: appropriation, re-interpretation

a? Subjective frame: unsettling, disconcerting,challenging

a? Consider Brook Andrewas work through thepostmodern frame.

What is the purpose of using elements in the past in a contemporary work?

a? Explain how Brook Andrew has responded to the world around him in his artworks Sexy and Dangerous (1996) and Jumping Castle War Memorial (2010).