Hoose One of the Final Essay Topics Provided

The final essay consists of the analysis of a topic from American history from the period covered by the course: American history from prehistory to the Civil War era.

Choose one topic from the list of topics provided. The essay should be at least four pages in length (about 1000 words), typed double-spaced, with your name, date, title and an additional page listing sources. The essay should include your own analysis of the topic and have a beginning, middle and end. At least three sources are required, and at least one of these sources must be the textbook or class notes. Your sources should be indicated in the body of the essay (author, page number) and a list of sources provided at the end.

The Internet can be a useful research tool, but write the essay in your own words. Do not Copy and pastefrom other essays, plagiarize from online essays, use professional essay-writing services, have someone else write the essay for you, or recycle essays from other courses.

The essay should be edited and checked for the correct use of paragraphs, spelling, consistency of spelling and capitalization, word use and punctuation. The essay should use objective terms and language. Do not use the Bulletformat. Please use a normal typeface.

There HAS TO BE a works cited page. Thank you!