Hoose one of the following and write a two-three paragraph post.

For My English College writing class I need to to choose one of the following definitions. The first paragraph or two is your own extended definition of the word, and the second paragraph is a comparison of your definition to the author indicated.To do this, you will have to paraphrase the author and write what you see as the authoras definition. Dear writer, you can choose any topic which you think it easier for you to define from following:
1. Compose your own definition of marriage or family. Compare your definition to what you see as Anna Quindlenas definition of marriage or family (see attached).
2.Compose your own definition of masculinity. Compare your definition to Robert Jensenas definition
3.Compose your own definition of a hunter. Compare your definition to Robert Schreineras definition.
All files I attached below.
Grade will be determined by the thoughtfulness of your own definition and how well you relate it to the authors definition of the word. It also important to pay attention to what we discussed in class methods of definition, which Ill attached here as well.
If you need more than 24 hours, I have another extra 8 hours, I have to submit paper by 11 pm on Thursday.
Just in case if you need to make it as a personal experience from my point of view: Im 25 years old woman, married for 1 year, no kids. Never try hunting:)) but dont have any problem with it.