Hoose one of the following eight questions and write an essay 2500 words:

Assignment: Choose one of the following eight questions and write an essay 2500 words:
1] With reference to Double Indemnity [1944] and one other film not screened on the module, critically discuss the ideological, cultural and cinematic significance of film noir.
2] a?Genre filmsa¦[a¦]a¦.They are made in imitation not of life but of other filmsa? [a?Genre Film: A Classical Experiencea? a Sobchack]. To what extent can this statement account for transformations evident in a?post-classicala? films of the crime/gangster genre since the 1960s. Discuss.
3] a?If myth can be defined as a pattern of narrative known throughout the culture and presented in many different versions by different tellers, then the hard-boiled detective story is in that sense an important America mytha? [a?Chinatown and Generic Transformation in recent American Filmsa? Cawelti]. With reference to two films of the 1940s, critically discuss how this mythic discourse is either reinforced or challenged.
4] Genres do not consist only of films: they consist also, and equally, of specific systems of expectation and hypothesis which spectators bring with them to the cinema, and which interact with films themselves during the course of the viewing process[Steve Neale, ”Questions of Genre”]. Critically discuss with reference to the a?classica cycle...
5] a?a¦The film is not an ideological comment on the gangsteras moral and economic corruption of societya¦.[a¦]a¦.but identifies the gangster with the cultural a?corruptiona of society in his role as a symbol of popular mass culturea¦..the film is as paradigmatic of its genre as it is of its postmodern cultural production because it recognizes the gangsteras ideological function in the way in which he has been used to demonise mass culturea¦.it attaches no value to popular culture: like the gangster, it simply exists and is inescapablea¦a? [Mason, 2002, p.161]. With reference to any two films, critically discuss in what ways the above statement could be used to develop a critique of a?contemporarya? crime/gangster films produced from the 1980s onward.
6] With reference to any two films, compare and contrast the ways in which the dominant ideologies of crime and society are signified in crime/gangster films.
7] Critically discuss the generic elements of gender that are evident in any TWO of the following: Scarface [1932], Double Indemnity [1944], Chinatown [1974], The Godfather II [1974].
8] The conflicting prosocial and subversive elements within the gangster genre give rise to contradictions that cannot easily be explained away. Because of this, the gangster film often copes with these contradictions by deflection or simple solutions rather than by any attempt at real resolutiona¦[Ideology and Genre in the Godfather FilmsGlenn Man]. Critically discuss with reference to any ONE of the following: Angels with Dirty Faces [1938] Dillinger [1973], Get Carter [1970], The Godfather Pt.II [1974], and ANOTHER film of your choice not screened on the course.
9] With reference to two films: one screened during the module, and another of your choice, not screened on the module; critically discuss the influences or impact of the a?regulation of movie contenta? on the films of the crime/gangster genre.

Assessment Criteria Your essay should demonstrate:
a? Awareness of the core readings and relevant wider reading.
a? An understanding of the critical perspectives and approaches discussed on the module.
a? An application of concepts and critical approaches to specific text.
a? A structured discussion and coherent writing.
a? Appropriate referencing and bibliography.