Hoose one of the following themes from the Iliad (themes are described in the order instructions section)

Choose one of the following themes from the Iliad

1) Fate: How is a?fatea? depicted in the Iliad? What metaphors/images are used to describe it? Does anyone seem to control fate? What implications does it have for gods and humans?

2) Discuss the passage in book 18 that describes the a?Shield of Achilles.a? What is the poet doing ? What effect does the passage have on the listener? What important elements/themes present in the rest of the poem does it reflect?

3) How does the duel of Achilles and Hector compare with all the other duels of the Iliad? What elements does it have in common with hundreds of previous duels? What makes it different and climactic?

4) Heroic ethos: Can modern readers relate to the a?heroic codea? of the Homeric warriors? How does the poet construct the code for the audience? What effect does it have when a character criticizes the it?