Hoose one of the following topics, (see order instructions)

THE DIRECTIONS I RECEIVED: CHOOSE ONE OF THE 5 FOLLOWING TOPICS TO WRITE ON: The insanity Defense, Famous Insanity Defense Cases, Civil Commitment, The Right to Refuse Treatment or Guilty, But Mental Ill. Write an introductry summary paragraph of the issue including the most pertinent details. Describe the issue in detail. Case examples from the literature in psychology are VERY important and SHOULD be included. Include a short paragraph containing your opinion, but LIMIT this to approximately EIGHT sentences so that it is NOT a major part of the paper. This paper requires that you analyze the issue, NOT simply summarize. 2 pages in length, double spaced. NO Dot.com Sources OR wikipediause college sources. Four college sources-educational sources are required, the textbook can be used as a fifth source. The textbook name is Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychologyfifth addition by Ronald J. Comer PAPER REQUIREMENTS: works cited page, NO Dot Coms”, QUOTES (PROPERLY CITED) Correct number of pages, Double spaced, 12 font.