Hoose one of the nine titles on subject theories of global politics

Essay should be one of the following topics:
1. What are the principal consequences of the anarchical nature of international politics?
2. What is sovereignty and what is its role in international politics?
3. How does nationalism affect international politics?
4. What are the implications of claims to self-determination for international order?
5. What are the principal purposes of theories of international politics?
6. Is the realist approach to international politics redundant?
7. What is the balance of power and what is its impact on international politics?
8. Does the liberal approach to international politics promote or undermine international order?
9. How should the democratic peace be explained?

Essays should be based on wide reading. The reading list in section 14 provides suggestions
based around each weekas tutorial topic. You should aim to look at as many of the relevant
further readings for your chosen essay topic as possible, as well as the core reading. You
should look at the textbooks and core readings first before moving on to the further readings.
You should also be prepared to look beyond the reading list when preparing your essays.Some internet resources a such as scholarly journal articles provided at
http://uk.jstor.org a can be useful BUT you need to be very careful when using internet sources
to investigate their reliability and internet sources cannot be relied upon exclusively for your
essays. ”