Hoose one out of three in the instructions


Choose ONE of the following topics:

Should gay persons continue to serve in the US military?
Should gay persons be allowed to adopt children?
Should gay marriages be allowed?

Research your topic thoroughly from diverse sources, including scholarly journals, books, newspapers, movies, videos, etc. Identify three claims and corresponding counterclaims made by your sources about your topic. Cite at least 10 sources in support of your argument.


Introductory paragraph:

Begin this paragraph with a hook or hooks to arrest and maintain the readeras attention. Develop the paragraph adequately, as instructed previously. End the paragraph with your thesis sentence, which should contain the statement that three specifically identified claims and counterclaims were about your topic. The thesis sentence should be in bold face and underlined. You can make 2 introductory paragraphs

Body paragraphs:

Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence, in boldface and underlined, stating the specific idea on which there was a debate or controversy. Each paragraph should present the evidence in support of each stated claim, followed by the evidence in support of the counterclaim. Before ending each paragraph, present your opinion on the issue. Each paragraph should be coherent, unified, and adequately developed.

Concluding paragraph:

Craft a concluding paragraph that wraps up the paper by reiterating the key elements in the thesis sentence. Do not raise any new issues not discussed in the paper.

* Please also have a look at the attachment file/picture about REBUTTAL Argument