Hoose one: political geography, energy, oil, or natural resources, environment, economic geography

Here is what I need to be written:

The class is Geography.

Here is a brief about this class since it started. (This lecture talks about, how society changes. The change is in term of what make us look for another place to live in. What makes food prices rise, and is it related to the high price in todays oil price. How text messaging is replaced as more comfortable way to communicate with others.

Now the assignment is:

Article can only be on the topics of political geography, energy, oil, or natural resources, environment, economic geography. The articles must be published in 2012 year. Articles prior to January 1st 2012 will NOT be considered.

Find 2 newspapers articles( it can be from different source and it must be from an American News papers) (online or print) from major reputable national or local sources (DO NOT use something like a?the Shelbyville Shoppera?). The articles can be on any topics from the list.

For each article, you need to provide:

1The title of the story.
2The URL for online news. For print, provide a photocopy (scanned in a PDF). You may also choose to include the copy of the story in the Word document itself-include any photos and graphics related or belong to the story. (1 point for the articleas relevance to a human geography theme).
3A written summary (200 words minimum) of the article. (30 points)
4A paragraph describing in what ways this article relates to class. (250 words minimum a 30 points).
5Compose three multiple choice questions that could be used in class quizzes questions as guide a (30 points)
(At least 4 choices must be provided or more a, b, c, and d)