Hoose only one Psychologist, either BF Skinner OR Ivan Pavlov OR Alfred Binets and write about their life, their theory, and their research

You can pick one of the following Psychologists and write a 5-8 page paper on their life, their theory and their research. Pick a psychologist by looking at all of them and choosing one that interests you. Your paper must be in APA format and must be proof read. Papers that have poor grammar, missing punctuation, misspelled words or lack of paragraphs will not be graded and will result in no extra credit. This is college. It is time to start turning in letter perfect papers. Psychologists:
B F Skinner, Ivan Pavlov, John B. Watson, Abraham Maslow, Erick Erickson, Jean Piaget, Noam Chomsky, Solomon Asch, Alfred Bandura, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Alfred Binet or Alfred Adler. DO NOT Wikipedia sight as ANY SOURCE